I can’t thank them enough, was in agony with shoulder pain that wasn’t resolving with medication. Made an appointment and was quickly seen (thanks Joe!). Dr Aglan was lovely he diagnosed straight away and started treatment on same day, after 2 sessions I was relieved of pain as he said. brilliant service


An amazing clinic with a really experienced team and expert knowledge. Highly recommend!


Excellent care and reassuring to know that this service is available for future care and treatment, thank you!

Joanne Brown

Dr. Aglan really helped me with managing my Pain and pinpointed all the issues that I had. The facilities they have at Pain consultants are top of the range which made me feel very comfortable. Health is something that shouldn’t be compromised.

Muhammad Ibrahim

I am a pain consultant myself and visited this place, it’s excellent, very well equipped and they have all the facilities and skills to provide an excellent multidisciplinary assessment of almost any type of pain and patients can even receive their treatment on the same day, would definitely recommend

Ahmed kafafy